Wholesale Brown Sugar Polish – #1 Best Seller!

Ready to repackage and sell. Huge profit potential. Anywhere from $12-$24 per 16 oz container is possible!

This is the product that all our customers have been raving about. Simple Soothings Brown Sugar Polish is an excellent exfoliator and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Full of great for your skin oils, brown sugar, and handmade soap.

To use, scoop a tiny bit of the mixture in your hand, wet your skin and rub gently. You can use this all over your body for a extra special treat! Sold elsewhere for upwards of $25 and you could expect to pay $50+ for this treatment in a spa. Why do this, when you can buy our Simple Soothings Brown Sugar Polish and pamper yourself every day?

Even though we believe our product is the best handmade Brown Sugar Polish available anywhere, we encourage you to order a sample before you commit to purchasing a full gallon. We want our customers to be happily satisfied with our product! Our 4 ounce Brown Sugar Polish sample is $6.85 postage paid.

Available in our original yummy honey almond fragrance and introducing our new scent: Cinnamon Stick!

Polish Ingredients: Distilled Water, Handmade Soap, May contain: Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil, Brown Sugar, Turbinado Sugar, Fragrance and Preservative