Scent Descriptions

Aloe Chamomile: An intoxicating blend of pear and yellow chamomile blossoms with a green fruity top-note, an agrestic floral honeysuckle middle-note and a soft woody, musky base-note.

Amber Dew: This is a warm, sensual and intimate scent. Radiant florals, dark chocolate, spices and the blatant sensuality of a black rose beckon a woman to feel warm and sexy in her bare skin that you want to be close to. Very upscale and classy. Our version is similar to a classic high end department store perfume.

Butt Naked: No additives, no colorings, no fragrances. Just plain ‘ol GREAT soap! Perfect for those with allergies.

Cinnamon Stick: It’s back and here to stay! A dark brown and spicy and soothing soap perfect for everyone… anytime of the year! An all-time customer favorite!

Clean Cotton: A pleasing blend of Jasmine, Violet and Gardenia with a touch of Vanilla and Musk.

Clementine: An airy scent with a hint of sweet citrus and ending with the sweet hint of Lavender. This is a very uplifting scent that is calming and invigorating at the same time. Very nice!

Fresh: Crisp and clean and everything green .. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good green vegetables can smell! This soap contains REAL vegetables! We use whatever veggies are in season so the vegetable mix may be a bit different from batch to batch .. however the fragrance is always the same great green/clean smell! Guaranteed to delight your senses!

Hawaiian Holiday: Limited Edition! This has been our most popular holiday scent since our inception in 2001. We’re thrilled to bring it back again for the 2004 Holiday Season. A limited amount of Hawaiian Holiday products are available and once ithey’re gone .. they’re gone until Fall of 2005. A rich blend of Norfolk Pine, tropical fruit and coconut. Absolutely stunning!

Heaven: This fragrance is clean, fresh with hints of floral, herbal and water all wrapped up in one. A great unisex scent. Simply Heaven!

Jasmine: The mystery and allure of Jasmine has been a part of our lives since the dawn of perfumery. This scent is purely Jasmine – sensual, delicate and full-bodied without being cloying and overly sweet, as some Jasmine’s are. It is the closest we’ve found to the real thing.

Lilac Breeze: Ours is a light, dead-on duplication of Grandma’s old lilac bush. Our white/lilac colored bar looks just like the fluttering petals that blow through the breeze each summer. Now you can have the intoxicating scent at your whim all year long! Lezlee’s favorite scent!

Milk & Honey: Reformulated! Blended with utmost care, this is the perfect melding of scents. Sweet and toasty! This one has real added Buttermilk and Honey for extra-added skin benefits! An all-time favorite of many… sure to become one of yours, too.

Moonlight Path: A light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a slight hint of flowers. A beautiful scent all year round.

Nebraska Sunflower: A bright, sunny and bold floral blend. Very warm and enveloping .. just like the real Nebraska Sunflowers. A very popular scent.

Patchouli: Naturally colored and scented!

Prairie Sunset: The beautiful fall sunset, mystical and awe inspiring was the inspiration for this fragrance. Soft wood notes followed by mid soft musk and fruit notes, ending with a delicate herbal note, brings the splendor of the Prairie Sunset to a fragrance oil.

Red Clover: A lovely tea scent with a light fruity floral combination of Violets, Lavender, Peaches and Raspberries. This is a huge hit with our local cutomers and we’re thrilled to finally announce it to our customers world-wide!

Rose: This one’s a dead-on ringer for the real thing. Reminiscent of an English Garden with the sweet rose scent floating on the breeze. A traditional scent used in many bathing products for centuries.

Tranquil Sleep: A warm sweet floral blend with jasmine, lily, lavender and violet and a background of smooth woody and musk notes.

True Lavender (naturally scented): This is a true essential oil Lavender. Smells just like a field of fresh lavender flowers … You’ll think you were in France! A traditional favorite through the centuries.

Welsh Daffodil: Light Daffodil scent.