Wholesale Product Testimonials

Lezlee, I’m so spoiled by your hair conditioner, that I can’t go back to store-bought! Sincerely. My husband and children were once angry at me when we ran out and had to get some over-the-counter brand, while waiting for yours to come in the mail. From now on, its better planning! As a fellow designer of bodycare products, I will say that I’m pleased with the ingredients and pleased to have an unscented product that I can either fragrance for myself, or leave it unscented, so it doesn’t clash with an evening perfume.

As for the texture of the conditioner, I am happy to have found one that works for all of our family’s hair-types. From short to long, thick to thin, dry to oily – we have all types in our home. It has become an excellent detangler for the longer hair and a nourishing leave-in, intensive program for the dryer hair. For my thinner hair, it isn’t too heavy, nor is it too oily for my ‘oily hair’ days.

Thank you for your hard work!
Denise Hie
Keep In Touch Body Care
Edmonds, Washington

Lezlee, I absolutely *love* your Hair Conditioner!! I have to tell you, tho, I actually use it for shaving instead!! ;o) It is just AWESOME!! It really conditions the skin before shaving….makes the razor simply *glide* across my skin and I never have to use lotion after!! It is such an all-in-one product…saves me a step or two…THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

We have just had an opportunity to experience using the handmade Base Lotion by Lezlee Williams of Simple Soothings. As an added plus, we can scent the base lotion to match the soap scents we sell. What a delight to have my fifty-something “farm” hands feel so soft, silky and smooth. This lotions lends a lovely luster and sheen to my skin without the greasy feel left by other store-bought lotions I have tried. I am more than delighted to be able to use and sell this wonderful product!! Thank you, Lezlee, for your continued service to the community of folks that enjoy handmade personal products. Keep up the good work!!
S & S Davis; Southern Touch Farm, Inc. & Southern Touch Soap Works, Inc.; MS

Simple Soothings Lotion is by far the best I have tried. I have tried others, and nothing compares. Everyone who has tried it agrees. Thanks for such a wonderful product.
M. Rodgers, Savon Marie, New York

Thank You so very much for your product. I use it mixed with essential oils for my hand and body lotion. I have a small bussiness and I use your base for all my orders and have recieved raves about it. I personally use it and am pleased with it softness and sensuallity. I am an E.R. nurse in Florida and let me tell you after washing your hands a hundred times a day and using your lotion its a pleasure. Keep up the Great work.
R. D’Amelio, Florida

We were searching for a lotion base to use that has the wonderful ingredients that we prefer. So many of the lotion bases are thin, soak in fast, then leave fast, as well. Lezlee’s lotion base is just right. Goes on so much smoother than others, and lasts much longer! Simply add the scent, package, and we are set. This is great! Our customers love it, and what a great addition to our product line! Thanks, Lezlee, for offering such an outstanding lotion base!
Carla & Sarah, (Missouri) aka…Country Scentiments

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you, I just received my free birthday soap and the aloe chamomile soap 🙂 My mother LOVES the soap, and I ADORE the butt naked soap! I have had acne problems for years and am looking forward to great results. I love the feeling of my skin feeling so soft. Thank you once again.

You can post my heart felt comments as I think others should know about how amazing it feels to use your soaps! You have a new customer in me, and I will let others know to purchase from you.

You send the products out fast, and in a very professional manner. I used to shop Bath and Body and I will no longer. I know that the ingredients you use are good for me and I am happy I found your website.

I will keep you updated of how my skin does. I just LOVE the feeling on my skin, my skin feels soooo soft, I am shocked actually 🙂
Camy from West Palm Beach, Florida

Lezlee, Hi! I just wanted to let you know my package arrived in the mail Saturday, and I couldn’t wait to get into it!! I tried out the Red Clover bar in the shower that night, and ooh la la, I absolutely loved it!! I noticed with the first bathing the dry, scaly, itchy patch on my elbow dramatically improved, and gets better with each shower. I will never go back to commercial “soap” again! I tried the lotion afterwards, and it smelled SOOO good!! It was really awesome, because lilac is one of my absolute fragrances!! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks so much for everything!!
Mercedes S., Claymont, Delaware

I have eczema and have been trying and testing various soaps for the past two years. I am VERY impressed with your soap. The Nebraska Sunflower smells heavenly, and the soap does wonders for my skin. The soap bar is extremely long-lasting, too, which is an added bonus. Thank-you so much for making such a wonderful product. I am going to try other products now!

Lezlee – thank you so very much for introducing my daughter to Butt Naked! She’s always been so embarrassed to wear summer tops because of her body acne but after trying your Butt Naked soap…clear skin! I work at a dermatology office and have never been able to find anything that cleared her up as safe and quickly as Butt Naked did. I’ll be recommending it when ever possible! Thank you again.
Diane S – Lincoln, Nebraska

I just received my most recent soap order and want to thank you for the free lotion you included. Your soaps are incredible!! Unbelievable lather and my skin has never felt better. I’ve tried hundreds of handmade soaps and yours are the best by far. Thank you for making my daily shower a “spa” experience! Lori
Lori L. – Muskego, Wisconsin

Lezlee’s Hemp Shampoo Bar is so wonderful! Being a bar of soap, I wondered how it would really “work” for me since I am so used to using the squirt and shampoo mode of cleaning my extremely thick head of hair. I tell you for a fact that this bar lathers and soaps right up in your hands and all you have to do is transfer those suds to your head and work them through your hair onto your scalp and enjoy!!! Wonderful full lather that lasted all through the shampoo process with a heavenly scent that wooed me to extend my stay longer than I normally would in my shower. When I returned to the family room after bathing, my family was wild over the beautiful lingering aroma that followed me into the room for us all to enjoy. We talked for quiet awhile about this shampoo bar of Lezlee’s. I love the fact that this shampoo has no harmful products in it that other shampoos contain to “make” suds. Oh yes, after drying, my hair is soft and shinny and still smells great!! Just try it for yourself and receive a real treat. I also believe that the shampoo has helped to “tame” my thick hair (not curly or frizzy) to actually be more manageable. Thank you, Lezlee, for this wonderful shampooing experience!!!
From: S. Davis; Southern Touch Soap Works, Inc.; MS

I was going through the GREAT stuff that you sent and was thinking of getting a booth at a little craft mall here in my area. I wanted to sell your stuff exclusively! It’s like Christmas here when my Simple Soothings order arrives! I would love to make some baskets for your exclusively. I find it very easy to sell your products because I love them so much myself. My best friend here in Corpus calls me a SoapFreak!

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the new packaging! The boxes make it very easy for me to display the soaps. I also like the sleeker lotion bottles too. I am very impressed with the new packaging. You did a great job! I indulged in a bath in the bath soak (Soothing Soak) today and I absolutely LOVED it! Plus, my husband is now fighting me for all the Patchouli Sandalwood soap! THAT was wonderful, Lezlee! You hit that one right on! Thanks for everything!
Krissy Satz, Owner
Bella Gift Baskets and Bags
Corpus Christi, Texas

Lilacs are my favorite flower and every other lilac scent has been so sweet and overpowering I would refuse to buy or wear it. But when I tried the soap you made it was the most wonderful lilac fragrance I have ever found, and so refreshing and softening to my skin. PLEASE continue your line of products in this lovely scent.
Barb H., Dover, DE

The brown sugar bath scrub is AWESOME!!!! I used it this morning and loved it! Every morning, after I shower, I have to drown myself in lotion because my skin is so dry. Since I’ve started using your shaving soap, I’ve noticed that I’m not needing to lotion as much. Today after I used the brown sugar bath scrub I didn’t have to lotion at all! It smelled so good, too. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10!! I’m really excited for you and your business…I think it is going to be a huge success!
Karrie, Lincoln, NE

I was a big fan of Bath and Body Works. Now I am a big fan of Simple Soothings! I love Lezlee’s soap. If you are skeptical about trying the products let me give you a few good reasons why you should. Many times when I try a new soap I break out in a rash and after one time the soap goes to the trash because I cannot use it. I have used a number of Lezlee’s soaps and had no allergic reaction. The scents are breath taking, and will stay in the soap until you use that last little piece. Plus, if there is a scent she does not have on hand, she will work hard to get the scent you want. Everything that Simple Soothings has, has been tested so you can be assured that you are getting a high quality product.

The soaps that I have liked the best and reccomend are the “Heather and Hyacinth”, great for revitalizing your skin! “Cool Water” really gives you a refreshed feeling and smell. Her shaving soap, your husband will not longer complain about you dulling his razor when you use it and it leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

Lezlee, I cannot wait to try your lotions and bath salts. By the way, if you need a gift for that “hard to buy for person”, Send them some of Lezlee’s products…THEY WILL LOVE IT!
Lola Dorsey, Aurora, NE

Lezlee, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your products are. I absolutely loved everything. The soaps are wonderful and the scents are awesome. The cucumber melon and the energize scents are my favorites and will definitely be stocking up on those two. I also wanted to let you know that I am so glad that I tried the brown sugar scrub. I have some patches of very dry skin and was very impressed with how soft my skin was after using your product. You’ve got a great thing going and I wish you continued success. I will definitely be placing another order soon!!! Thanks again.
Dana, Lincoln, NE

I have to tell you about how much I *LOVE* the new Carrot Facial Soap!!!!! It doesn’t dry out my face like other soaps (including Clinque’s Facial Soap). I’m one of those people that has to have something that “lathers” when I wash my face, or I just don’t feel like I’ve gotten it clean! Of course, with many things that lather comes the feeling like the skin on my face is two sizes too small; but NOT with Carrot Facial Soap! (I still use moisturizer…on the downhill side of 30, you know!) I highly recommend this stuff to anyone and you can quote me on that!!!
Gina E., Mabelvale, Arkansas

I recently purchased some of your Sugar Scrub….I just used it for a nice long afternoon bath. 🙂 Let me tell you, this is some of the nicest scrub I have used yet! And the price! Wonderful 🙂 I also wanted to Thank You for the soap extra you sent. It smells wonderful! I am excited and very glad I found you! I will be telling my friends & family definitely. I also wanted to ask about your Wholesale Opportunities. I do a little online marketing, and this stuff is great. I’m sure that I’m hooked, and I can imagine what others would think about it as well! Could you tell me a bit more about this?
Thanks Again! You will definitely see me soon!
Corynn B., Raleigh, NC